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Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

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Metaphysical properties are provided on this site for informational purposes only. We make no guarantees with regards to the properties of the stones.Use your senses and perceive the individuality for you with your own personal connection of earths creations.

Abalone is found to be very healing for the wearer, especially to the first three chakras. Like the sounds of water, it is very calming and is valuable in working through past and present emotional situations. It stimulates the intuition, and promotes imagination in a healthy way.

Agate can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. It provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents. It is reported to strengthen sight, diminish thirst, and promote marital fidelity. ALSO SEE Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, & Moss Agate.

Amber allows the body to heal itself by changing negative energy into positive energy. It was thought to be the luck of the warriors. It acts to purify ones body, mind and spirit when worn. The sunny and bright soothing energy of Amber, helps to calm the nerves and enliven the disposition.

Amethyst the stone of spirituality and contentment, amethyst bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace. It provides the sense of common sense and encourages flexibility in decisions. It is also said to help business affairs prosper.
Chevron Amethyst is one of the best stones to work with the Third-Eye, enhancing both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence.  Use Chevron Amethyst to help remove resistance to change, and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kinds.  Chevron Amethyst creates a strong healing field around the user, and as such, is a good choice to cleanse the aura and to enhance the immune system.can amplify energies needed for manifestation and works well in grid work.  Chevron Amethyst is also said to deepen the meditative state, enhancing the quality and frequency of visions and inspiration from higher realms

Ametrine is a mixture of Citrine and Amethyst which combines the quality of intellect with spirituality. It disperses negativity from the aura and fills the voids with the energizing and stabilizing qualities of pure light energy. It releases physical, mental, and emotional blockages thus releasing tension.

Ammolite is fossilized ammonite that has been compressed under great pressure beneath the ground, which is what gives it the wonderful colors. Ammolite is said to radiate positive Earth energy, and to bring good luck and prosperity. It is also said to grant miracles. Ammolite is excellent as a tool for deep meditation. Ammolite is also used mystically for general good health, stamina and high energy.

Ammonite is a fossilized animal from eons gone by. It is similar in structure to the snail. Ammonite is a protective stone which gives stability and structure. It can eliminate caustic attributes and transform negativity into smooth, flowing energy.

Angelite is a stone for raising the state of conscious awareness. It is excellent for balancing, polarizing, and aligning the physical body with the ethereal network. It represents peace and brotherhood to our world and beyond.

Apatite is related to service and to the development of humanitarian pursuits. It enhances creativity and awakens the finer inner self. Wearing or carrying Apatite has also been said to suppress hunger.

Apophyllite is used to create a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm. It enhances mindful analysis, tinged with universal love, and helps one to realize that the state of perfection is the natural state of being.
Aqua Aura Quartz is a clear crystal Quartz which has been infused with pure Gold. It combines the properties of Quartz and Gold to produce a very intense energy. It is used extensively to cleanse and smooth the aura, activate all chakras, and releases negativity from emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual bodies. It is a very good stone to combat depression.

Aquamarine, known as a stone of courage, enhances ones ability for rapid intellectual response. It accelerates the intellectual reasoning process and makes one unconquerable through learning not only about the physical world, but about oneself. It also encourages the ability to always be prepared.

Aragonite enhances reliability, practicality, and patience. It can be useful in easing or elimination of general aches and pains. Aragonite is also beneficial for skin disorders and can be used to combat chills and bring warmth to the extremities.
Astrophyllite assists in absolving one from responsibility and in purging that which should be eliminated from your life to allow further development and progression. It allows for the recognition that there are no limitations and that in fact, we are all stars.

Aventurine enhances creativity, augments the pioneering spirit, and supplements motivation. It also reinforces decisiveness, amplifies leadership qualities, and promotes action based on instinct.

Azeztulite is a regular standard grade Quartz that has been manipulated, or programmed, by entities who call themselves the Azez. This highly vibrational stone fills ones energy body with spiritual light to make them a beacon of light to the world. It appears to never require cleansing and always brings a feeling of joy and confident serenity.
I was introduced to Azeztulite at the Crystal Conference by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons, co-authors of "The Book of Stones". My personal experience with this stone has been to receive an initial download which came as a body rush of sorts. Additionally I've felt a noticeably strong vibration when holding the Azeztulite in my non-dominant hand. My understanding is that while it is here primarily to program the planet itself, one may experience occasional downloads or interactions.

Azurite Malachite a combination of Azurite and Malachite, this stone assists in dissolving egocentric characteristics, dispelling conceit, arrogance, and vanity, while instilling individuality. It calms anxieties, while facilitating stability of the intellect to produce rationality.

Barite Indian legend tells that spirits of Indian warriors returned to carve the Barite rose. It provides a strong and delicate connection to the spirit world, and assists one on the path toward the journey and the goal. I can help soothe and smooth the nervous system.

Bertrandite, also known as Tiffany Stone, is primarily an oplaized Fluorite. It is found in only one location in Utah. This is an excellent stone for psychic communication and for the interpretation of information so received. This stone assists in the removal of energy blockages and is a wonderful healing stone.

 BLack Tourmaline this stone acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another as it deflects the negative energy back at the sender. It provides for an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. Black Tourmaline maintains ones 'spirits' even in conditions that emit gloom and doom.

Bloodstone this mineral is an intense healing stone and a stone of courage. It has been used in accessing the principles of mysticism, providing for insight into the immediate spiritual intuition of truths which transcend ordinary understanding. The message of the Bloodstone is "be here now".

Blue Lace Agate can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. It provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents. It is reported to strengthen sight, diminish thirst, and promote marital fidelity.

Blue Topaz is known as the stone of true love and success in all endeavors. This stone helps one to be unburdened by arrogance and unconfined by passion, thus allowing one to see all things as equally important in the grand scheme of life. This stone assists in bringing the body, mind, and spirit into union with the forces of the perfection of the universe.

Blue Tourmaline the energy of Blue Tourmaline helps one to live in harmony with the environment and stimulates a progression towards service. In addition, it assists one in relating to others in a loving manner, bringing true impressions to the surface.

Bone is used in jewelry to bring the wearer the strength, wisdom, and protection of the animal from which it was derived.

Bronzite is a stone of courtesy. It promotes loving, unprejudiced discernment within the wearer. This stone helps one to develop in all areas relative to service and brings the value of assistance to the forefront.

Calcite is an energy amplifier. It is a world teacher for all of humanity, facilitating appreciation of the creative forces of nature. It is an excellent stone to assist with studies of the arts and sciences.

Carnelian is an agate. Agate can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. It provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents. It is reported to strengthen sight, diminish thirst, and promote marital fidelity. In addition to the properties of Agate, Carnelian also protects against envy, fear, and rage, and helps to banish sorrow. It can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion.

Celestite can promote a pleasant disposition and provide for fluency in communication. It is an exquisite stone to give - in the spirit of love and with the blessing of respect. Celestite is said to provide access to information from angelic realms.

Chalcedony is considered a member of the Quartz family. This stone symbolizes benevolence and good will. It alleviates hostility, irritability, and melancholy. The Native American Indians used Chalcedony to promote stability. It is also useful in balancing the energies of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Chalcopyrite Called a stone of the mystic, Chalcopyrite can assist one in receiving information. It can totally open the crown chakra, cleansing and activating at the same time. It is used to enhance ones perception and to strengthen ones contact with the ancient cultures of the universe.
Charoite is a love stone for this age. It is useful in assisting one with comprehension of self-inflicted lessons. It allows for discrimination between validity and fiction and helps one to understand that as one door closes, another opens... within this world, and from this world to another.

Chiastolte This variety of Andalusite is often called the cross stone. Once worn as protection against the evil eye, it is now used as a sign of devotion. It is used for problem solving an to provide insight to mysterious occurrences.

Chrysocolla can produce great inner strength and promotes physical vitality. It can work to eliminate negativity and helps one to refrain from verbalization when silence would be most beneficial.

Chrysophrase instills a state of grace within the wearer as it facilitates deep meditative states, compassion, and clemency. It provides for nonjudgmental attitudes and acceptance of oneself and others. It can reduce inferiority and superiority complexes.

Citrine is one of the two minerals on the planet that does not hold negative energy, but dissipates it. It has been called the merchant's stone as it can assist in producing income. It can be quite helpful in problem solving.

Copper combats lethargy, passivity, restlessness, excitability, and non-acceptance of oneself. It conveys the message that there is no need to seek love or to constantly search for life. It is said to be a bestower of good, bringing benefit to the user.

Coral comes from the sea and is the vacated housing of a marine animal. It facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization, and helps one to both understand and use the qualities of the mystic.

Danburite encourages one to “let your light shine”, and helps one to get along with others. Another stone of self-love, it is also a powerful intellectual activator that brings both stimulus and responsiveness to the user. It can be helpful in allowing one to maintain a personal identity while flowing with the structure of the world.
Dinosaur Bone An extremely rare stone, this is the result of fossilized dinosaur bone in which the cell structure has been replaced with Quartz and the bone structure remains intact. Dino bone has inherent ties to the past making it an excellent stone for past life work. An extremely protective stone, it is also said to calm anxiety, boost energy and increase memory.

Dioptase One of the best healing stones of this age, Dioptase holds the eternal energy for living in the moment. It is also an excellent stone for furthering spiritual attunement.

Dolomite encourages charitable actions and relieves sorrow by bringing the recognition that everything happens for a reason. It encourages energetic and impulsive original thinking and manifestation.

Dumortietierite  is used to reduce excitability and eliminate stubbornness. It can also assist in providing the stamina to retain the self while being subjected to harsh environments. This is an excellent stone for patience.
Emerald The stone of successful love, Emerald is said to provide for domestic bliss and to instill both sensitivity and loyalty. It is used to enhance memory and to stimulate the use of greater mental capacity as it helps to combine intelligence with discernment.

Eudialyte serves to infuse one with inspiration and confidence. Insights can be astonishing when holding this mineral. It is also said to dispel jealousy and “ring a bell” in one’s heart/mind whenever soul-travelers reunite.

Fire Agate he 'fire' in Fire Agate occurs due to the inclusion of very thin layers of limonite. It represents the spiritual flame of perfection... said to dispel fear from the very depths of the inner being and to provide a protective shield which reflects all threat of harm back to the source such that the source may personally understand the act. It is a stone to encourage one to be the best possible.

Fire Opal \he energy of this stone is conducive to mystery, variety, progress, and change. It can add brilliance and clarity to the intuitive and reflective processes. It assists in maintaining during stressful situations and provides added energy to lessen symptoms of burnout.

Fluorite the stone of discernment and aptitude, fluorite produces an energy which is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive, and disorganized growth. It is a stabilizing mineral which helps to impart impartiality and unbiased reasoning.

Fulgurite  is a naturally occurring glass tube that is formed by the fusion of sand/rock particles when lightening strikes the Earth. It is said to enhance communication on the physical plane and strengthen connections to other worlds and beings of those worlds.

Garnet the stone of health, Garnet extracts negative energy and transforms it to a beneficial state. It's loving powers bring devotion, warmth, and understanding. It also discourages chaotic, disruptive, and disorganized growth.

Gaspeite is said to bring spirituality to everyday living. Aboriginal tribes used this stone in diagnostic healing, to raise consciousness towards enlightenment, and for communication with spirits and entities.

Gibeon Meterite is comprised primarily of iron and nickel, the Gibeon was discover in Namibia, in the 1830's. The unique crystallization structure, known as "Widmanstatten lines" is due to the cooling in the zero gravity and very low temperatures of space. Radiometric dating places the age of crystallization at 4 billion years. Meteoric iron is used for balancing and alignment. It symbolizes the aptitude and strength required for endurance and presents the loving energy of unknown cultures to Earth residents, allowing for the realization that we are but guests on this planet. Nickel has the ability to purify the blood and increase iron in the system.

Golden Topaz acts as a repository stone which stores information, as well as energy, thoughts, and love. This stone can be used like a battery to recharge one with energy. Golden Topaz is also used to enhance relaxation, to create lightness of spirit, and to stimulate feelings of peace.

 Green Tourmaline The mineral helps teach the user to “see with the heart”. Green Tourmaline holds the essence of the plant kingdom and is conducive to healing plants. It is also quite useful for facilitation of the study and practice of herbalism. It acts to inspire creativity, and to attract success, prosperity, and abundance.

Hematite is known as the stone of the mind, this mineral enhances mental capability while providing a calming atmosphere. It is used to stimulate the desire for, and facilitate the attainment of, peace, self-control, and inner happiness.

 Herkimer Diamond, known as the attunement stone, is a unique form of quartz. The energy of the herkimer helps one to begin again in this lifetime. It allows one to recognize that there is nothing to 'become' - that one is that which one has been seeking.
Hessonite In addition to the properties of Garnet, Hessonite helps to eliminate feelings of inferiority and encourages one to seek new challenges.

Hiddenite is of the Spodumene family and is a relative of Kunzite. Hiddenite helps to stimulate the intellect and the loving side of one's nature. It prompts the connection with the other worlds and provides for subsequent clarity in the transfer of knowledge.

Horn, like Bone, is said to bring the wearer the strength and wisdom of the animal from which it was derived.

Howlite This mineral can be used to calm communication, facilitate awareness, and encourage emotional expression. It dispels criticalness, cold selfishness and facetiousness, bringing both strength and innocence to confrontations.

Imperial Gold Aura Quartz is clear Quartz that gets its color from the vacuum deposition bonding of Iron, Titanium, and other trace metals. This stone amplifies intentions, especially those inspired by love and compassion. Additionally it unifies the energies of the heart and solar plexus chakras, linking the energy of the will with love to align your path to that of the greatest good.

Iolite The energy of Iolite helps release discord from ones life and enables one to enjoy each moment. It can be used for the elimination of debts, to enhance precision within one's life, and to facilitate acceptance of responsibility.

Jade is known as the dream stone or the stone of fidelity, Jade brings realization to one's potential and devotion to one's purpose. It helps one to attune to the needs of others and inspires wisdom during the assessment of problems. Jade also provides confidence.

Other colors have additional properties and may be discussed on a separate page. Click the links below for complete listings of those Jades.

Black Jade emanates strong, protective energies to ward off negative assault, physical or psychological, including self limitation.

Blue Jade calms the mind, encouraging peace and reflection, and is valuable in promoting visions and dreams.

Brown Jade is grounding. It connects to the earth and provides comfort and reliability.

Lavender Jade alleviates emotional hurt and provides spiritual nourishment. Its energy is of the highest etheric spectrum.

Orange Jade brings joy and teaches the interconnectedness of all beings. It is energetic and quietly stimulating.

Purple Jade encourages mirth and happiness, and purifies one's aura. It dispels the negative and increases one's level of discernment.

Red Jade is a stone of life-force energy, dispelling fear that holds one back, and urges one to action.

White Jade filters distractions, pulls in relevant, constructive information and aids in decision making.

Yellow Jade is cheerful and energetic, a stone of assimilation and discrimination

Jasper comes in a limitless number of colours, patterns and combinations. Jasper is the stone of selflessness; It is the mother of all stones, bringing about “Big-L” Love of all mankind. Jasper makes its effects known slowly and gradually, just like nature. It’s considered an emotionally calming stone, and can be an excellent stone for either those who are hypersensitive to crystalline energy and find it difficult to work with, or for those who like change to be a gradual, unfolding process. Red Jasper especially assists in transmuting pain, especially menstrual pain. To draw away focus from pain, back to the centre. For emotional, mental and physical pain, it is a grounding and healing stone is known as the supreme nurturer. It is conducive to awareness and to allowing one to celebrate situations of isolation. Jasper is used for grounding and cleansing, and provides protection.All of the properties of Jasper, plus: Picture Jasper is like a piece of art with its intricate layers woven through time for you to see! Like any piece of art, there are depths and views that are there to be discovered and uncovered the more you look at it. Representing proportion and harmony, gazing into its world gives you a sense of all is well. It is a nurturing stone that reminds you that everything in this universe has its place and it’s divinely put there. It can be used to develop business pursuits and keep them moving forward
Jet is a fossilized wood, close in comparison to coal, but harder. It is used to dispel fearful thoughts and to protect the wearer against illness and violence. Also a calming agent, it is used to treat of migraine headaches, epilepsy, glandular and lymphatic swelling, stomach pains, and colds.

Kunzite is of the Spodumene family and is a relative of Hiddenite. Kunzite dissolves negativity and promotes maturity in thought and action , while allowing one to maintain the openness of a child. It assists one in understanding and accepting the type of security which does not infringe on ones state of freedom.

Kyanite never needs cleansing or clearing. It automatically and immediately aligns all chakras. It brings tranquillity and a calming effect to the whole being. It helps to induce dream recall and to promote dream-solving.

Labradorite is said to represent the temple of the stars. It assists one in sustaining and maintaining, while providing for the understanding of the destiny one has chosen. It helps one to facilitate transformations which are beneficial.

Lapis Lazuli  stone is said to have existed since time was born and is a stone of total awareness. It helps one to overcome depression and enhances a state of serenity. It is said to bring cheer to the user and success in relationships.

Larimar is also known as Pectolite, this stone assists one in recognizing self-imposed limitations and stimulates the release to facilitate freedom from materialistic values.

Lava Rock Basalt is solidified molten lava... an igneous volcanic rock produced in intense heat conditions. A stone of strength and fertility, Basalt provides stability in times of change. This stone helps to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding as it assists one in "bouncing back". A very grounding stone, black Lava will strengthen our connection to Mother Earth.

Lemurian Seed Crystals have a specific Quartz formation found only in Brazil. The slender, clear crystals are known for the horizontal striations that cross one or more of the crystal faces. They have a frosted look and sometimes carry a slightly pink hue. The striations are thought to contain information from the civilization of Lemuria. To access the information place the striations on the third eye, or stroke the striations with the index finger of the non dominant hand. Lemurian Seed Crystals are said to put one in touch with the purity of innocent emotions and to powerfully enhance one's intuitive gifts. They are recommended for removing energy blockages and opening to divine love and compassion.

Leopardskin Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. It is conducive to awareness and to allowing one to celebrate situations of isolation. Jasper is used for grounding and cleansing, and provides protection. In addition to the properties of Jasper, Leopardskin Jasper is believed to develop one's connection with animals.

Lepidolite is recognized as the stone of transition, Lepidolite assists in restructuring and reorganization of old patterns. It can be used for stress reduction and to alleviate despondency. It brings light, hope, and acceptance.

Lodestone is similar to Magnetite, with the additonal property of polarity. This property enables one to distinguish between the dualities existing within the environment. It assists in relieving burden and bringing to fruition that which is wanted.
Magnesite has a calming and balancing effect on  emotions , emotional stress or irritability. The stone has a truth aspect; it will uncover any form of self-deceit. Unconscious thoughts or feelings lying deep within will be brought to the surface, and you can begin to see yourself for who you truly are. It encourages you to analyze your unconscious thoughts and take a positive attitude or approach to life. In its brain-like form of a white stone with brown streaks, magnesite is associated with the mind. It has the power to stimulate new ideas and bring the two hemispheres of the brain into balance.

Malachite as the stone of transformation, malachite assists with change. It can be used to facilitate insight to the basic disorders within the body, mind, and spirit. It is equalizing and balancing and can create an unobstructed path to a desired goal.

Mangano Calicite The energy of Mangano is soft, flowing and very female. It can be used to call feminine guides and angels. This stone transmutes negative energy by spreading it further and further away. It offers soft feminine comfort and speaks best to the heart and crown chakras.

Marcasite The chemical composition of Marcasite is identical to that of Pyrite. They are distinguished only by their respective crystalline formations. Marcasite represents spiritual development and provides for prosperity by eliminating starvation of spirit. This mineral encourages one to shine.

Moldavite is the product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago, near Moldau, Czechoslovakia. It greatly accelerates spiritual growth and psychic awakening, and is the most easily felt of all gemstone energies.

Mookaite is a stone of regeneration and healing. It provides a strong shield against danger and helps the healer process and deal with negative energy. As a Jasper, it has a powerful effect on the blood and the kidneys. A stone of balance and harmony, Mookaite also helps users to recognize several opportunities or directions and choose the correct path.

Moonstone The energy of moonstone relates to new beginnings and is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. It enhances perception and discernment, allowing one to make decisions which painlessly further development.

Moss Agate This stone leads one to characteristics of agree-ability, persuasiveness, strength in all endeavors, and efficacy in all pursuits. It helps improve ego and self-esteem, and provides for emotional balancing and strengthening of positive personality traits.

Mother of Pearl is the smooth pearlescent lining of the mollusk shell. Like Abalone it carries the peaceful healing energy of the sea. This organic gem is an excellent stress reducer. Use it for relaxation.

Muscoite This mineral activates the heart chakra and allows layers of insecurities and uncertainties to disperse. It is used to lessen self-doubt and look to the future with the optimism and knowledge that one can advance with success.

Obsidian is a lustrous volcanic glass. It is an excellent grounding and protective stone, stabilizing internal and external energies and gently protecting one from that which could bring physical and/or emotional harm. It provides a shield against negativity.                                                                     Gold Sheen Obsidian helps you to gain access to the root of your problems and it can help define possible paths of action. It helps you to align with Source, and helps you to act from a place deep inside your inner being. It reflects what is needed in your life and helps you with the elimination of your ego. Its energy enhances your ability to achieve worldly success through the expression of your unique talents. Like all Obsidians, it is a powerful protection stone used to clear negative energies Mahogany Obsidian is a gentler version of Black Obsidian, with all of the same properties, only gentle, whereas Black Obsidian is quite no-nonsense or ‘tough love.’ It is especially useful for stimulating growth on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels, making it a wonderful stone to have with you at work. It bestows vitality, relieves tension and eliminates energy blocks when directed towards your life’s work and aspirations. It will also provide strength and and protection in times of need.                                                                                                                             Rainbow Obsidian brings light and love into your life! It helps you to recognise your spiritual nature. A stone of pleasure, it brings gratification and enjoyment into your life. Carrying Rainbow Obsidian disperses unloving thoughts that arise from your own self talk or that are directed towards yourself. It is a protective stone that keeps you safe from emotional and physical harm, and shields you from negativity. Rainbow Obsidian helps you to identify your own flaws and gives you a clear picture of the changes which are necessary to turn them into strengths. Rainbow Obsidian is used psychically to enhance clairvoyance and is an excellent scrying stone, especially in the areas of love, relationships and self-development. It is also a very protective stone, and is especially effective in protection rituals and amulets, where it works by grounding out negativity to let light in.                                    Snowflake Obsidian can balance opposing forces in your life. It sharpens your external and internal vision and is a catalyst in bringing about change. Snowflake Obsidian has the property of bringing things to the surface, positive or negative, love, anger, secrets; But these things are brought to the surface more gently than they might be otherwise. Snowflake Obsidian can provide balance during times of change and it aids you in seeing patterns in your life and recreating them in a more beneficial way. It is a stone of serenity and purity, and can shield youagainst negativity. Physically, it is beneficial for the veins, skeleton, and soft, smooth skin. Snowflake Obsidian gives protection from physical and emotional harm.
 Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits. It opens awareness to the benevolent aspects of life and lifts the mood with its positive vibrations. This stone helps lift a veil of negativity which many of us wear over our eyes. Once lifted, its much easier to see the many blessings of life.
Onyx helps one to become the master of their future. It also furthers the quality of the instincts, helping one to both see and feel the guidance. Onyx can be used to banish grief, enhance self-control, stimulate the power of wise decision making, and encourage happiness and good fortune.Onyx allows you to let go of your physical world, and relax and flow with natural energies, bringing higher inspiration and aiding detachment. It helps you with hearing and listening to your inner voice, and assists you in restoring emotional balance, self-control and in relieving stress. It enhances perseverance, humility, good morals, deep thoughts and spiritual strength. Onyx will purify negative emotions. It can also bring deep-seated relationship issues to the surface, with the intention to air them and clear them.

Opal This stone assists in enhancing mental clarity, emotional security, physical well-being, and spiritual progression toward the perfect state. It provides a connection to the stars and provides grounding while enhancing transfer of information.
Opal Aura Quartz is clear quartz infused with platinum. This combination produces very intense energies and assists in maintaining optimum health.

Pearl has been known as a stone of sincerity, bringing truth to situations and loyalty to a cause. It signifies faith, charity, and innocence, enhances personal integrity, and helps to provide a focus to ones attention. Pearl has been used to ease childbirth.
Peridot emits a warm friendly energy. It assists in the regulation of all cycles in life... physical, emotional, mental & intellectual. Peridot can be used to bring results to ones search and recovery of that which has been misplaced. It is also an excellent healing stone.

Petoskey stone is a type of fossilized coral. It stimulates the third eye and intuitive levels of the inner self. It helps one toward psychic awareness and enhances the awareness of the emotions. It also discourages infections and infectious diseases.

Petrified Wood, a stone of transformation, helps ease mental and emotional stress. It gives the wearer a sense of security and is known to keep ones energy rate steady. It is a useful tool for tapping into past lives during meditation or sleeping.

Phenacite is highly stimulating for the third eye. It brings a way of love, the way of heavenly being, into ones physical reality. Placement of the stone on any chakra produces expedient clearing, cleansing and activating effect. An excellent healing stone, it clears ethereal energy patterns to stimulate healing on a physical level. It is also useful in gathering the energies of numerous stones working together wherein the sum is more beneficial than the individual stones.

Picasso stone assists with development of creative talents and the fulfillment of artistic enterprises. It also helps one in sustaining and maintaining, while providing for an understanding of the destiny you have chosen.

Pictuer Jasper in addition to the properties of Jasper, Picture Jasper stimulates creative visualization. Assists in surfacing hidden thoughts, griefs, hopes, & fears.

Pietersite is said to contain the keys to the kingdom of heaven, pietersite dispels illusion and assists in recognizing the beauty of the soul. It assists one in remaining open to experience and promotes loyalty to the self and to the ultimate life experience.

Pink Tourmaline The energy of Pink Tourmaline relates to creativity and to conceiving the new, while maintaining the connection between the self and all that is. It is a stone to assist one in attainment of peace and understanding, trust and awareness, and love. It is a special stone to give to one you hope will love you.

Prehnite is a stone for dreaming and remembering. It enhances one's ability to prophesy, bringing the aid of the divine for inspiration. It is also used to multiply energy and to enhance one's protective field.

Psilomelane can assist one with self-analysis to reveal previously unrecognized thoughts and experiences. This in turn stimulates corrective action for emotional disturbances and over-emotional states. It can also be used to repair unwanted, unloving behavior patterns.

Pyrite This mineral is an excellent shield for many forms of negative energy and can work to allay physical danger. It can be used to stimulate the powers of the intellect, enhancing memory and providing for recall.

Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. The natural energy for quartz is harmony and it is recognized as the stone of power. Quartz provides for purification of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Raises consciousness to an enlightened state. Amplifies & transmits energy. Good for clarity and balance. *Also see Aqua Aura, Opal Aura, Rutilated, Rose, & Smoky Quartz.

Rainbow Obsidan is known as the stone of pleasure, this stone can bring light and love into one's life, allowing for recognition of the spiritual side of one's nature.

Red Quartz aides in positive action, and produces an abundance of physical energy, vitality and is excellent for amplification, storage, focusing, transfer, and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, to heal, to attract, and to protect. Excellent for all chakras.

Rhodocrosite called the stone of love and balance, Rhodocrosite emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love. It assists one in accelerating the expansion of one's consciousness and it can quickly and gently balance the emotions.

Rhodonite a stone of love, Rhodonite can help one achieve their highest potential. It dispels anxiety and promotes coherence, making the user more observant and facilitating attention to detail.

Richterite is excellent in balancing the reactive state and helps to eliminate anxiety. It is a calming stone and will promote calm, rather than stressful, reactions. Additionally this stone assists with astral travel and is said to be useful in accessing the Akashic records.

Rose Quartz Known as a stone of gentle love, Rose Quartz brings peace and calm to relationships. It provides the message that there is no need for haste, while bringing calmness and clarity to the emotions and restoring the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations.
Ruby Known as the stone of nobility, Ruby assists one in the attainment of their ultimate values. It is an excellent shielding stone as it protects on all levels. The Ruby encourages one to follow bliss and protects against unhappiness, distressing dreams, and lightening.

Ruby Zoisite The combination of ruby in zoisite increases the awareness of one's individuality while allowing one to maintain connected-ness with humanity.

Rutilated Quatrz ,Rutilation in Quartz (and in any stone) intensifies the power of the crystal. Rutile is used for healing and balancing the aura by repelling negative energy. This stone assists one in getting to the root of the problem and provides access to the reason for disease or discomfort.
Sapphire Known as the stone of prosperity and uniformity, Sapphire brings authenticity to ones actions. It is known for sustaining the gifts of life, eliminating frustration , and fulfilling the dreams and desires of the consciousness.
Sardonyx allows one to realize the delight of living. It is a stone of virtue, and thereby stimulates and propagates virtuous conduct throughout one’s life. It can be used to attract friends, good fortune, and to encourage self-control.
Satyaloka Quartz is collected in the area surrounding the Satyaloka Monastery in the mountains of southern India. The monastery and the nearby village are said to contain the highest concentration of fully enlightened people on the planet. The Satyaloka Quartz is a very powerful stone and can be extremely beneficial to those who are ready to receive it's exceptional properties. This Quartz carries the vibration of spiritual enlightenment and is a tool for spreading enlightenment throughout the world. Many report experiencing states of enlightenment or the seldom discovered states of deep inner peace, awareness, or unconditional love while using this stone for prayer or meditiation.

Seer Quartz, also known as river Quartz, is river tumbled Quartz that has been polished on one end to permit gazing. It is used for gazing to provide access to the sacred texts of the ancient ones. By directing mental focus to a period of time and/or a location, one may access texts from those times and places.

 Selenite A form of crystallized gypsum, Selenite provides clarity, expanding ones awareness. It provides flexibility in one's nature and strength in one's decisions, allowing one to see and understand the inner workings of a situation. It has also been used to access past and future lives.

Seraphinite A type of Chlorite, Seraphinite is a wonderful healing stone. Results are overwhelmingly positive from wearing or simply having the stone in your environment. It is also said to provide for communication with angelic realms.

Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation and can be useful in raising the Kundalini. When placed at the crown, it creates a path through which the Kundalini can travel, thereby decreasing or eliminating discomfort. It can render assistance to disorders in all areas of the body by consciously directing energies to the problem areas.
Shells are said to increase power, strengh, and beauty. Wear them to improve self image, get organized, and increase personal strength and endurance. Also see Abalone
Silver brings one the advantage throughout life. It can be used as a mirror to the soul, allowing one to see oneself from outside of the body. It provides patience and perseverance.

Smokey Quartz The energy of this crystal is known to penetrate and transform negative emotions and negative energy patterns. It is an excellent grounding and protective stone. Smoky Quartz is also used to facilitate a clearing of the mind during periods of worry.
Snakeskin Jasper provides a stabilizing energy and provide protection from temptations which may be detrimental to the wearers well being. It enhances abilities in the areas of geometry, construction, and architecture.

Snowflake Obsidan Known as the stone of purity, snowflake obsidian brings purity and balance to body, mind, and soul. It allows one to recognize unnecessary patterns in life and redesign them to provide relief from undesired conditions.
Sodalite provides for the ability to arrive at logical conclusions via rational mental processes. It eliminates confusion and equalizes and stimulates the intellect to be compatible with each situation.

Staurolite, also known as the "Fairy Cross", is a stone for good luck. It is said to be the crystalized tears of the fairies that formed when they were brought the news of Christ's death. It can provide overpowering relief in situations of stress and can eliminate depression, addictive personality traits, and tendencies of over extending oneself. Interesting to note that the cross itself is the natural formation of this stone
Stibnite helps to keep away the intrusive. Used in meditation, it facilitates undistracted entry into the meditative state. Uesd to protect from entities, it enhances your personal energy field which then acts as a protective barrier to eliminate any physical presence. It is a stone to stabilze one's economy and promote the ability to satisfy your own needs
Stilbite provides a powerful and loving energy in creativity and intuitive endeavors. It provides for a grounding energy while synthesizing the physical manifestation of creativity with the action of intuitive support. It also provides for enhanced toxin removal capabilites making it a good stone for those trying to rid themselves of addictions.
Sugilite is wonderful to carry and instills a feeling of being free. It infuses one with inspiration. It can help one to believe in themsleves and especially in their unique inherent talents. Sugilite is also used to eliminate hostility.
Sunstone can be used to clear and energize the chakras. Ancient cultures each had their own uses for Sunstone... Canadian Indians used it in rituals of the medicine wheel to show the spirit guides the connection with the golden white healing light of the sun. In India it was used to provide preotection from destructive forces of other realms. In Greece, it was though to bring abundance to those fortunate enough to carry/wear it.

Tanzan Aura Quartz is clear Quartz that gets its Tanzanite like color from the vacuum deposition bonding of Gold, Indium, and Niobium. This very programmable stone promotes the development of latent psychic abilities, there-by enhancing your conscious connection to Spirit.

Tanzanite is a "stone of magic", producing the perfect symmetry of personal power and actualization. It brings the 'will' to the aid of manifestation, and enhances both the beginning and the end.

Tiger Eye can help one to become practical and discrete of mind, as well as more grounded. It can be used to increase psychic abilities. Use it to eliminate the blues and bring brightness and optimism.
Tiger Iron combines the properties of red jasper, tiger eye, and hematite. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. It is conducive to awareness and to allowing one to celebrate situations of isolation. Jasper is used for grounding and cleansing, and provides protection. Hematite is known as the stone of the mind. It enhances mental capability while providing a calming atmosphere. It is used to stimulate the desire for, and facilitate the attainment of, peace, self-control, and inner happiness. Tiger eye can help one to become practical and discrete of mind, as well as more grounded. It can be used to increase psychic abilities. Use it to eliminate the blues and bring brightness and optimism.

Titanium Quartz is clear Quartz that has been treated with Titanium. One of the most powerful crystals available, it is said to energize on all levels. This stone is said to dispel sadness and increase zest and enjoyment of life.

Topaz is the crystal of potency. It helps one to absorb that which is needed from the universe. It promotes creativity while providing confidence and trust in one's decisions.

Tourmalated Qutarz This crystal provides humanity with a tool to produce a solving atmosphere. Considered to have double the power of the clear Quartz, the Tourmaline works to balance energy opposites. It aids in dissolving stoic patterns which are, or have been, destructive in nature and in one’s own life.

Tourmaline can be used to attract inspiration, diminish fear by promoting understanding, and encourage self-confidence. In ancient eastern Indian culture, tourmaline was used to provide direction to that which brings good and was also recognized as a teller stone which provides insight
Turquoise is a healer of spirit, used in ancient times to protect against accidents. It has a soothing energy which brings peace of mind. It acts to induce wisdom and understanding, and to enhance trust, kindness and recognition of beauty.
Unakite brings one's consciousness to the present. It can help one deal with information and events from the past which have instilled blockages. It provides gentle release of conditions inhibiting one's growth.
Uvaroite A green variety of Garnet, Uvarovite helps one to recognize the endless nature of their soul. It bestow's peace, quiet, and solitude - without lonliness. It promotes clarity of the mental processes and provides for enhancement of relationships via the fusion of souls - one purpose, one mind.
Variscitebrings a calming stillness to the busiest of minds making it an excellent meditation stone. It is useful in easing depression, fear, worry, anxiety, impatience, and stress. This stone is thought to be beneficial to the central nervous system and to be useful in the repair of damaged DNA.
Watermelon Tourmaline is a super activator of the heart chakra. It encourages one to look past the seriousness of a situation and to recognize the benefit of, and the humor in, that situation. It also enhances cooperative efforts and inspires tact in all situations
Wavelite This mineral assists one in looking at the whole picture before making a decision. It helps manage difficult situations and assists one to recognize both direct and indirect methods of accomplishing a given task. It is also especially effective (during the periods of the new moon) for increasing intuitive abilities and to activating inner knowledge
Zebra Stoneserves to stimulate one's physical energy. It is wonderful to provide stamina and endurance. It further teaches that it is not possible to give away all of one's energy or love, and it brings compassion and understanding for others.
Zincite provides for a synthesis of personal power, physical energy, and creativity. It can help bring together those of like minds and is useful in promoting a group effort.
Zoiste can be used to dispel laziness and idleness. The combination of ruby in zoisite increases the awareness of one's individuality while allowing one to maintain connected-ness with humanity



Lore of the Stones                                                                                    Issues of Concern Use

In Folk Lore there are stories of conditions that where diminished by simply connecting to a stone . For your  entertainment this section is a list of conditions and stones that have been said to assist in the situation . Some of the ways the stones where used was by placing them the area of where you sleep ,this application this called gridding.Another way of using stones would be to make exilers .

Disclaimer:This is for entertainment only and may never replace a physician's opinion or care.

To keep this list of crystal meanings gemstone lore from taking up a jillion pages, I've condensed it down to essential words. For positive uses/actions, the stones listed are said enhance them. For negative uses/actions, the stones listed are said to decrease them. For ailments/issues listed, the stones listed have been used in traditional lore and stone healing lore to assist with their healing.

This list is not all-inclusive since  and I may well have left something out! I have tried to be as accurate as possible in listing the stones that are attributed to each use. There are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and general life issues in this list. If you have more info you'd like to share, contact me.

Disclaimer : This is for entertainment only and may never replace a physician's opinion or care.


Conditions or concerns are listed in Alphabetical order

abandonment issues: garnet, thulite 
abundance/prosperity: aventurine, aqua aura, bloodstone, citrine, diamond, epidote, grossular garnet, jade, malachite, moonstone, moss agate, orange moss agate, peridot, topaz, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, tree agate, tsavorite,  turquoise Also see Prosperity below.
abuse issues/trauma: carnelian, emerald, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, orange calcite, orange millennium, peridot, rhodocrosite, rose quartz, ruby in zoisite, shiva lingam, thulite, tourmaline
acting, dramatic: carnelian
acceptance: dumortierite (blue quartz) 
acid reflux (G.E.R.D.): Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Grossular (Green) Garnet, Jasper, Kunzite, Malachite, Moldavite, Turquoise, Zoisite (green)
acupuncture: magnetite (lodestone), Sichuan quartz
addictions /alcoholism / compulsiveness: amethyst (esp reduces withdrawal symptoms), ametrine, astrophyllite, barite, botswana agate, coral, chevron amethyst, chrysacolla with cuprite, citrine, dendritic agate, dravite, dumortierite, galena, green calcite, herkimer diamond, iolite, malachite-azurite, moki marbles, moss agate, nebula stone, obsidian, peridot, petrified wood, phenacite, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, sugilite (esp immune system problems from substance abuse), thulite (esp those caused by abuse/neglect), zircon
ADD/ADHD: cerussite, dravite, lepidolite, petalite, stilbite
adrenal glands: ametrine, aventurine (green), black obsidian, black tourmaline (schorl), bloodstone, carnelian, cuprite, emerald, epidote, fire agate, garnet, jade, Kansas pop rocks, kyanite, malachite, nephrite jade, peach aventurine, rose quartz, ruby, smoky quartz, sugilite, sulfur

AIDS and Other Immune Disorders: andalusite, Buddha quartz crystal, carved (naturally) quartz, dicinite, dolomite, halite, Petoskey stone, petrified wood, red catlinite, rutilated quartz, scheelite, Tibetan quartz crystal, tourmalinated quartz 
aligning the physical & astral bodies: amazonite
allergies: apatite, aventurine, brecciated jasper (animals), carnelian, clay, dolomite, garnet, moldovite, white coral
amplifies energy: calcite, quartz, ruby
ancient wisdom: celestite, quartz crystal 
anemia: bloodstone, garnet, hematite
angels, communication: angelite, amethyst flowers, aquamarine, blue lace agate, celestite, danburite, moonstone, morganite, muscovite, selenite, tanzan aura
anger: angelite, aquamarine, aragonite, blue phantom quartz, bronzite, citrine, colemanite, gold, howlite, jet, lepidolite, lithium quartz, king cobra jasper, kunzite, kyanite, magnetite, peridot, rhodonite, sea shells, smoky quartz, sodalite, sugilite, thunder egg, turquoise
anxiety: azurite-malachite, berlinite, bloodstone, blue phantom quartz, botroydal hematite, cerrusite, covellite, diopside, dolomite, fluorite, friedelite, graveyard plume agate, growth interference calcite, hematite, kambaba jasper, labradorite, lepidolite, nuumite, picasso stone, plume agate, puddingstone, rhodonite, richterite, snowball included crystals, strontianite, tanalite
architects/construction: ammonite
arthritis/bones/joints: abalone, amber, amethyst, apatite, azurite, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), botswana agate, carnelian, chalcosiderite, chrysocolla, copper, dolomite, fluorite, grossular garnet, gold, green calcite, howlite (bones) lapis, lodestone (magnetite), malachite, petrified wood, quartz, rhodonite, ruby, sulphur, topaz
artistic expression (also see "creativity" below): botswana agate, cobalticalcite, eliat stone, howlite, phantom quartz, rainbow boji stone (Kansas pop rocks), rainbow quartz, rutilated quartz, watermelon tourmaline
asthma: amethyst, azurite-malachite, chrysocolla, clevelandite, foshagite, malachite, morganite, natrojarasite, obsidian, rutilated quartz, tiger's eye, vanadinite 
astral projection/travel: ametrine, apophyllite, azurite-malachite, calcite, fluorite, honey calcite, iolite, moldavite, quartz, sapphire, spirit quartz 
astrology: angelite
attracting a good mate: carnelian, rhodonite, rhodocrosite
attunement: herkimer diamond 
attuning to the earth: chrysocolla
aura (balancing, cleansing): ametrine, citrine, dravite, epidote (emotional body aura), iolite, labradorite, nuumite (clearing), quartz, rutilated quartz 
awareness: howlite, lapis lazuli, picture jasper
back pain or problems: Boji Stones, calcite, carnelian, fluorite, garnet, Kansas pop rocks,  lodestone, obsidian, phlogopite, wonder stone
balance (mental/emotional): ametrine, bloodstone, blue topaz, carnalian, celestite, chiastolite, chrysoprase, fluorite, hematite, kunzite, lepidolite, lodestone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, sodalite, tektite, tigers eye, tourmaline, tree agate, unakite
balance, yin/yang: chrysoprase, lodestone, tigers eye, rhodocrosite
beauty: herkimer diamond, jasper, tigers eye
bipolar disorder (manic depressive): ametrine, bloodstone, blue topaz, carnalian, celestite, charoite, chiastolite, chrysoprase, diopside, fluorite, hematite, kunzite, larimar, lepidolite, lithium quartz, lodestone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, sodalite, tektite, tigers eye, tourmaline, tree agate, turquoise, unakite
bladder: amber, bloodstone, blue chalcedony, coral, green calcite, hessonite, Morrisonite jasper, orange kyanite, orange moss agate, 
blockages (energy): atacamite, bloodstone, danburite 
blood pressure (balance, or high): bloodstone, blue calcite, chrysocolla, sodalite
blood pressure (balance, or low): bloodstone, halite (salt)
blood sugar (low): aventurine, serpentine 
blood vessels/blood/circulatory system: amber, amethyst, aventurine, bloodstone, bronzite, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysocolla, copper, coral, dalmation jasper (purify blood) , fire agate, fluorite, garnet, hematite, howlite, kunzite, kyanite, malachite, moss agate, pyrite, red jasper, ruby, rutilated quartz, salt, sapphire, tiger iron, topaz 
body aches: diopside
body odor: leopardskin jasper, magnesite
body temperature: emerald and other green stones (to lower); ruby and other red stones (to raise)
bones: blue lace agate, dolomite, fluorite, howlite, malachite, petrified wood
brain (physical ability to function, brain chemical balance): albite, amber, aragonite, cerrusite, chalcopyrite, clear quartz, elestial crystals (esp. from drug/alcohol use), garnet, gehlenite, hematite, heubnerite, rhodizite, seraphinite (serafina), strombolite, tanzan aura
broken heart: chrysoprase, rhodonite, salt
bronchitis: gold, lodestone, rutilated quartz
burns: agate, amethyst, chrysoprase, gem silica, quartz, rose quartz, sodalite
business partnerships: African jade 
calcium balance/deficiency: amazonite, garnet, howlite
calming/soothing: abalone, amber, amazonite, amethyst, andalusite, angelite, aragonite, barite (especially desert rose type), bloodstone, blue lace agate, blue peru opal, blue chalcedony, calcite (especially blue), celestite, chrysocolla, diopside (especially black star), dioptase, dravite, fluorite, fossilized dinosaur bone, galena, garnet, goldstone, hematite, hiddenite, howlite, infinite stone, jet, pearl, larimar, lepidolite, lepidolite with rubellite, lithium quartz, moonstone, orange millennium, petalite, petrified wood, picasso stone, pietersite, pink manganocalcite, rainbow moonstone, rhodonite, richterite, rubellite, scapolite, septarian, shattuckite, smoky quartz, snow quartz, sodalite, spinel, stichtite, variscite, white fairy quartz, yttrian (yttrium, lavender) fluorite
calms pets: diopside
cancer: azurite-malachite, fluorite, gold, hematite, lapis, lepidolite, moonstone, red jasper, rhodocrosite, rose chalcedony, sapphire, sodalite (lymphatic) spinel, sugilite, tourmaline 
cardiovascular: bloodstone, hematite 
centering/grounding: bloodstone, calcite, herkimer diamond, hematite, kunzite, onyx Also see Grounding below. 

Chakras see Chakra Balancing

changes (handling)/adaptability: bloodstone, botswana agate, chiastolite, honey calcite, opal, yellow turquoise
channeling: apophyllite, blue calcite, copper, moldavite, meteorites, kyanite, quartz, yellow calcite
charity: dolomite 
childbirth & pregnancy: amazonite, amethyst (preventmiscarriage), ammonite, chrysocolla (especially for preventing miscarriage), geodes, hematite, lepidolite, malachite, rose quartz
childhood issues & abuse: bridge (inner child) crystal, black diopside, dioptase, lithio-laser crystal, petalite, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline
choices/alternatives: rhodonite
crohn's disease: carnelian, diopside, thulite
chronic fatigue: amethyst, aquamarine, aragonite, boji stones (kansas pop rocks), orange calcite, quartz, rhodocrosite, ruby, zincite
crown chakra:
clairaudiance: diamond, herkimer diamond, fire opal 
clairvoyance: ametrine, azurite-malachite, charoite, diamond, emerald, green jasper, halite (salt), hematite, herkimer diamond, kyanite
clarity: amber, danburite, diamond, dumortierite (blue quartz), halite (salt crystal), tiger eye
claustrophobia: chrysoprase
cleansing: amber, emerald, kyanite, tigers eye 
clearing (energetically): black tourmaline, lodestone, kyanite, meteorites, quartz, tektites 
cold sores / fever blisters: fluorite 
colds, common: bloodstone, carnelian, sodalite 
colic: amazonite, blue lace agate
comfort: agate, botswana agate, jasper, morrisonite jasper 
commitment: garnet
communication: amazonite, apatite, blue lace agate, blue onyx, blue tigers eye, blue topaz, copper, emerald, euclase, kunzite, labradorite, quartz, turquoise, yellow turquoise, ulexite
compassion: green jasper, green tourmaline, jade, kunzite, moonstone, kunzite, rose quartz, red jasper
compatability: green moss agate
completion of tasks: mugglestone, red jasperconcentration: carnelian, eisenkiesel quartz, flourite, jade, lapis, obsidian, quartz crystals, malachite, flourite, hematite, ruby
confidence: chrysocolla, grossular garnet, jade, moonstone, rhodonite jade, moonstone, confusion: bloodstone, lodestone, fluorite

confusion (mental, disorders): amethyst, azurite, carnelian, (orange/red),  lapis lazuli, opal, rhodochrosite, sapphire, selenite

connective tissue: tanzan aura

contentment: red jasper

 counselors & therapists stone: king cobra jasper

 courage/ inner strength: agate, amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, bloodstone, blue tigers eye, carnelian, charoite, chevron amethyst, chrysoprase, fire agate, garnet, hematite, herkimer diamond, katanganite, jade, plancheite, prasiolite, red calcite, richterite, ruby, rutile, sodalite, smoky quartz, tigers eye, tiger iron (mugglestone), variscite

courteousy: bronzite

 creativity: agate, aventurine, botswana agate, calcite, carnelian, citrine, cobaltite, dolomite, double terminated crystals, euclase, garnet, herkimer diamonds, obsidian, orange moss agate (creative thining), peach aventurine, picasso stone, pyrite

cross stone: chiastolite

death or transition (assisting the process): amazonite, apache tears, aqua aura, jet, black quartz, botswana agate, fossils , hematite, malachite, obsidian, rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, tiger iron
decision making: bronzite, charoite, crazy lace agate, diamond, emerald, falcon's eye (blue tiger eye), fluorite, jade, lepidolite, nephrite, tiger's eye, verdelite tourmaline 
dehydration: brecciated jasper 
denial / avoidance: rhodochrosite
depression: Botswana agate, carnelian, chrysoprase, citrine, eilat stone, kunzite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, lapis, jet, moonstone, orange moss agate, peridot, platinum, quartz (blue, clear, rose and smoky), schorl (black tourmaline), spinel, topaz
destiny (finding): charoite, labradorite, moonstone
dexterity: thulite 
diabetes: amethyst, atlantisite, bloodstone, citrine, emerald, girasol, psilomelane (crown of silver), quartz, red jasper, serpentine (new jade), shattuckite, silver, sodalite
diarrhea: brecciated jasper, salt
digestion: blue lace agate, chrysacolla, citrine, epidote, peridot, obsidian, tigers eye, topaz
diplomacy: lepidolite
disillusionment: dalmatian jasper 
disorientation: black tourmaline, hematite 

divination: charoite, hematite, moonstone, tiger's eye dna/rna corrections: ametrine, garnet

domestic blss: emerald

Down's syndrome: ametrine, garnet, fluorite, needle crystals, rose quartz

dowsing: brecciated jasper

dreams (recall/work): herkimer diamonds, moldavite, amethyst, rose quartz, jade, clear quartz, citrine, jade, kyanite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, nebula stone, opal, prehnite, diaspor, red jasper, marble, pyrite, smokey quartz, ruby, tektites

ears/hearing: amber, celestite, rhodonite

eating disorders (anorexia, bulemia, others): picasso marble (jasper), thulite 

eczema: amazonite, aventurine, blue lace agate

electrolytes: mother of pearl, sea shells

emotional disturbances/trauma: amazonite, aqua aura, bloodstone, chrysocolla, citrine, crocoite, diamond, dioptase, emerald, chrysoprase, jasper, labradorite, larimar, lepidolite, moonstone, peridot, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, smithsonite, thulite 

employment/job/work (find, stabilize): aventurine (green), citrine, garnet (green), jade, malachite, mookaite, moonstone, ocho geodes, peridot, sapphire (black), ruby, siderite, tourmaline (yellow)

endocrine system: alexandrite, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, green calcite, chrysoberyl, citrine, howlite, magnetite, green obsidian, rhodochrosite, sodalite

endurance: brecciated jasper 

energy (increase, high energy): amber, agate, apophyllite, aragonite (magick & charms particularly), bloodstone, blue calcite, blue goldstone, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), carnelian, clear quartz, danburite, eisenkiesel quartz, garnet, green jasper, honey calcite, katanganite, plancheite, prehnite, red calcite, red coral, rhodochrosite, ruby, rutilated quartz, septarian nodule, spinel, sulphur, yellow calcite
energy leaks: dolomite 

enhance emotions: garnet, ruby

enhance energy of other crystals: apatite, chrysoberyl, dolomite (by balancing mineral energies), danburite, diamond, herkimer diamonds, quartz, selenite

envy: agate

epilepsy (and seizures): amethyst, black onyx, coral, emerald, jade, jasper, lapis lazuli, malachite, moldavite, sapphire, selenite, sugilite, topaz, tourmaline

 ESP: peridot

exploring the unknown: botswana agate

eyes/eyesight: aquamarine, celestite, charoite, holey stones (eyesight in particular), labradorite, opal, rutilated quartz

facing the cause of disorders: picture jasper

faith: emerald 
family issues: citrine, family clusters of crystals 

fear (dispel): ammonite, aquamarine, carnelian, chrysacolla, chrysoprase, citrine, orange calcite, red calcite, saginite, smoky quartz, sodalite

feet: onyx

feminine reproductive-related issues: chrysoprase (endometriosis), lapis, rose quartz 

fertility: carnelian, garnet, rose quartz

fevers: aventurine, diopside, peridot, pyrite, tree agate, sapphire, sodalite

fibromyalgia: amber, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, emerald, hematite, lapis, labradorite, morganite, obsidian, rose quartz, tiger eye

fidelity: jade, opal

finances, stabalizing: jet, ruby,citrine

finding lost objects, people: Peridot, Snakeskin Agate, Golden Topaz, Green Moss Agate (lost treasure or money)

flu: bloodstone

fluid retention: aquamarine

focus: apatite, fluorite 

fortune, good: bloodstone, lodestone (magnetite), moonstone, tree agate

 friendship: aventurine, green moss agate

gallbladder: amber, carnelian, chalcedony, citrine, danburite, gaspeite, jade, jasper, and red jasper

gambling luck: aventurine

gardening & agriculture: herkimer diamond, green moss agate, jasper, orange moss agate, lepidolite 
generosity: citrine, dolomite

grace: blue lace agate, rhodonite

grief: amethyst, apache tear, aqua aura, bloodstone, botswana agate, chrysocolla, carnelian, citrine, chrysoprase, galena, isis crystals, jasper, jet, lapis lazuli, onyx, pyrite, rainbow crystals, rose quartz, smoky quartz, watermelon tourmaline, and pink stones in general

grounding: agate, apache tears, bloodstone, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), brecciated jasper, candle quartz, carnelian, cuprite, dalmatian jasper, fluorite, garnet, hematite, obsidian, salt, smoky quartz, sulphur, tiger iron (mugglestone), topaz, unakite, 

growth: blue lace agate

guilt: copper, rose quartz, ruby, sodalite

hair loss: aragonite, chalcopyrite, franklinite, galena

hallucinations: green jasper, jet, jasper, leopardskin jasper, picture jasper, rhodochrosite, coral

happiness: amethyst, amazonite, aventurine, blue lace agate, blue quartz, carnelian, chrysoprase, euclase ("the happiness stone"), herkimer diamond, moonstone, pyrite, rainbow crystals, rose quartz, smokey quartz
harmonious environment: amber, amethyst, eliat stone, petrified wood, rose quartz, tigers eye

harmony: agate, amethyst, apatite, carnelian, chiastolite, clear quartz, eisenkiesel quartz, emerald, jade, peridot, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, selenite, spirit quartz, multi-colored tourmaline, tree agate

headache, general: amber, amethyst, angelite, Arizona lizard stone jasper, aquamarine, black jade, blende, bloodstone, blue agate, blue aventurine, blue lace agate, optical calcite, cavansite, celestite, charoite, cherry opal, chevron amethyst, chrysacolla, common opal, diamond, dioptase, emerald, fire agate, green aventurine, green tourmaline, holly blue chalcedony, iolite, jade, jet, lapis lazuli, malachite, moss agate, blue obsidian, pearl, phenacite (phenakite), purple fluorite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, silicon, sodalite, sugilite, sulphur, stilbite, tiger eye, trilobite, turquoise Also see migraine headache and tension headache. 
healing and health (general): agate, amber, amethyst, amazonite, aventurine, azurite, celestite, calcite, citrine, charoite, chlorite, chrysacolla, chrysoprase, coral, danburite, epidote, garnet, green calcite, green moss agate, green tourmaline, holey stones, infinite, jet, labradorite, lepidolite, moonstone, peridot, petrified wood, phantom quartz, pink tourmaline, quartz crystals, jasper, malachite, rhodochrosite, rutilated quartz, self-healed quartz, smoky quartz, spectrolite, spinel (whole body), watermelon tourmaline

heart (physical): amazonite, amber, beryl, garnet, hematite, lapis lazuli, green obsidian, onyx, peach aventurine, rhodonite, ruby, salt,

honesty: amazonite, celestite, chrysocolla, citrine, emerald, flourite (purple), garnet,  jet, kyanite, lapis lazuli, pearl, ruby, selenite, sodalite, tiger's eye 

housekeeping: ammonite, mother of pearl
hunger (control): apatite, muscovite

imagination: aventurine

immortality: gold, spinel 

immune system: aegerine, amethyst, aqua aura, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, botswana agate, chrysoprase, citrine, dravite, emerald, epidote, fulgurites, garnet, green millennium, jade, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, lithium quartz, lodestone, malachite, moki marbles, moldavite, mookaite, moss agate, obsidian, pearl, picture jasper, quantum-quattro silica, quartz, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, rubellite, rutilated quartz, smithsonite, snow quartz, sulphur, topaz
incest recovery: thulite 
incontinence: petrified wood
infection: pearl, pyrite, quartz 
inferiority complex: chrysoprase
infertility: carnelian, garnet, grossular garnet, quartz scepter, realgar, rose quartz, shiva lingam
inflamation: pyrite
inhibitions: opal
inner awareness: apache tears, rose quartz, shattuckite
inner child: amber, cobalticalcite, imperial topaz, morganite, rainbow boji stone (Kansas pop rocks), rainbow quartz, quartz crystal with another crystal inside
inner growth: rhodonite
inner peace: amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, calcite, celestite, chrysocolla, blue fluorite, hawk's eye (blue tigers eye), herkimer diamond, jade, jasper, kunzite, lepidolite, malachite, opal, rose quartz, selenite, sugilite
insect bites: moonstone
insomnia: amethyst, celestite, cerrusite, emerald, hematite, labradorite, lapis, lepidolite, pink dolomite, smoky quartz, sodalite, tiger iron, zircon
intellect: aquamarine, agate, amazonite, amber, ametrine, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, azurite, bloodstone, celestite, chalcedony, coral, chrysocolla, crocoite, diopside, emerald, galena, honey calcite, malachite, obsidian, pyrite, rose quartz, sodalite, spinel, tektite, topaz, turquoise
intestinal / digestive: amber, aquamarine, barite, celestine, chrysocolla, citrine, clear quartz, pyrite, jasper, labradorite, laguna agate, moss agate, obsidian, onyx, peridot, smokey quartz, thulite 
interaction / participation: epidote
irritable bowel syndrome: orange calcite 
intuitive awareness: amazonite, amethyst, azurite, chrysolite, emerald, euclase, lapis, onyx, sodalite, tanzan aura, yellow calcite, yellow turquoise (See also: Psychic/Intuition)
jealousy: peridot 
joy: emerald
karma (bring in good): morganite, quartz crystals
karma (release bad, protect from bad): charoite, dravite (brown tourmaline), garnet, hessonite (hessionite) garnet 
kidney / bladder: anhydrite (angelite), amber, bloodstone, green calcite, carnelian, chrysoberyl, coral, cuprite, jade, jasper, orange calcite, rhodochrosite, smokey quartz
kindness: azurite, celestite, chalcedony, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla, jasper, kunzite, morganite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, sugilite, pink tourmaline, turquoise
kundalini: garnet, jet, kundalini quartz, spinel (especially red spinel) 
laughter: crazy lace agate
law enforcement: fuchsite
leadership/management: fossils, trilobite
learning: cowrie shell, sugilite
legal issues: amethyst, bloodstone, garnet (lawsuits), hematite, lodestone (magnetite)
life purpose (discover/live destiny): charoite, garnet, glendonite
liver: carnelian, jasper
logic: fluorite, sodalite 
loneliness: dolomite 
longevity: diamond, fossils, jasper, tree agate
love (see  for more information ): amber, coral, emerald, kunzite, jade, pink calcite, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, rhodocrosite, ruby, selenite,
loyalty: dalmatian jasper 
luck (good): agate, aquamarine, aventurine, copper, jade, malachite, obsidian, orange moss agate, pyrite, snow quartz, smoky quartz, tigers eye, tiger iron (mugglestone), tree agate 
lungs: peach aventurine, pyrite, rutilated quartz
lupus: bloodstone
magic: labradorite
manifestation: carnelian, emerald green calcite, citrine, dolomite, euclase, garden quartz, grossular garnet, labradorite, lapis, moldavite, obsidian, oregon opal, quartz crystals, topaz, tsavorite, volcanic black salt (lava salt)
marriage: pearl, peridot
mastery: onyx
mathematics/analytical pursuits: angelite, diopside, hematite, sodalite
meditation: amethyst, ametrine, aqua aura, aquamarine, azurite, celestite, chrysoprase, clear quartz, chrysocolla, dumortierite (blue quartz), flourite, iolite, kunzite, kyanite, labradorite, lapis, prehnite, sea shells, selenite, snow quartz, sugilite, topaz, tsavorite, yellow calcite
memory: blue calcite, carnelian, emerald, honey calcite, onyx, pyrite, quartz crystals, rhodochrosite, spinel 
menopause: amethyst, moonstone, pietersite
mental clarity: amber, aquamarine, aventurine, blue quartz, citrine, clear quartz, herkimer diamond, sodalite, tiger eye, topaz
merchants stone: citrine
migraine headache: amethyst, green aventurine, jet (natural), phenacite (phenakite), purple fluorite, rose quartz Also see Headache, General. 
miracles: blue lace agate, ammolite, chalcedony, infinite stone, rainbow moonstone
mood swings: citrine, lepidolite 
muscle/muscular: abalone, amazonite, apatite, chrysocolla, emerald
muscle cramps (including premenstrual cramps): amazonite, bloodstone, orange moss agate
nail problems: apatite 
narrowmindedness: epidote
negative energy (dispel, transmute): black tourmaline, black obsidian, quartz 
negativity: carnelian, citrine, jade, malachite, obsidian, rutilated quartz, salt, selenite
nervous system: alexandrite, amazonite, aquamarine, apatite, botswana agate, fire agate, emerald, galena, lapis lazuli, morganite, peridot, sugilite, tourmaline
new beginnings: chrysoprase, moonstone
nightmares: chrysoprase, citrine, dalmatian jasper, holey stone (prevents)
obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): amethyst, chrysoprase 
old hurts: rhodonite
order out of chaos: fluorite (especially cleavage fluorite), garnet, king cobra jasper, lepidolite
organization: bloodstone, brecciated jasper, dumortierite (blue quartz), fluorite, king cobra jasper, lepidolite, mugglestone, red jasper 
osteoporosis: amazonite, howlite
pain relief: amber, amethyst, dolomite, green calcite, hematite, howlite, infinite stone, lapis, mugglestone (tiger iron)
pancreas: carnelian, moonstone, tigers eye
panic attacks: epidote, lepidolite 
paralysis: petrified wood
parkinson's disease: opal
passion: emerald, garnet, ruby 
past life: amber, amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian, obsidian, phantom crystals, petrified wood
patience: amber, amethyst, azurite, chrysoprase, tsavorite, 
peace: amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, blue quartz, chevron amethyst, chrysocolla, flourite, malachite, rose quartz, spirit quartz, sugilite
perception: danburite, epidote

personal power: amber, andalusite, aragonite, yellow calcite, carnelian, chrysoberyl, citrine, golden tiger eye, honey calcite, rutilated quartz, yellow sapphire, yellow-brown scapolite, sphalerite, sphene, golden-yellow spinel, sulphur, sunstone, topaz, yellow jasper, yellow turquoise, yellow zincite,

phobias: aquamarine, carnelian, chrysoprase, spirit quartz 

 physical energy: calcite, carnelian, herkimer diamond, garnet,  quartz, spinel, tigers eye

physical strength: bloodstone, garnet, herkimer diamond, quartz 

 physical trauma: bloodstone, grossular garnet

pilot's stone: malachite

pituitary gland: moonstone, rhodonite

plant growth: boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), brecciated jasper, quartz
PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome): amethyst, dolomite, lapis, magnesite, rose quartz, pietersite 
poet's stone: emerald, sodalite, tourmaline
positive attitude: aventurine, hematite, obsidian
post surgical: bloodstone, coal, jet 
power: aquamarine, charoite, epidote (personal), katanginite, plancheite, red jasper, rutilated quartz, quartz, tiger eye
prophesy: prehnite, Nebula Stone, prasiolite 
positive energy: citrine, yellow turquoise
prosperity / abundance / money (attract): aventurine, amethyst, aqua aura, bloodstone, calcite, citrine, green moss agate, grossular garnet, herkimer diamond, jade, jasper, malachite, orange moss agate, peridot, salt, spinel, tiger's eye, tsavorite, turquoise 
protection from negativity (negative energies): black kyanite, black obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline (transmutes to positive energy), bornite, celestite, citrine, elestial crystals, jet (absorbs negative energies), katanganite, kunzite, peacock ore, plancheite, quartz, smoky quartz (especially in healing)
protection (children): agate (especially blue lace agate and green moss agate), jade, malachite (especially from evil eye and evil spirits), mother of pearl (newborn infants in particular), ruby (all family, including children) 
protection (general): agate, alum, amber (used extensively by Ancient Romans), apache tears, aventurine, banded agate, beryl, black agate, black kyanite, black obsidian, black tourmaline, calcite, carnelian, cat's eye, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine, chiastolite, coral, dravite, eisenkiesel quartz, emerald, fire agate, flint, fluorite, fossils, gold, golden topaz, halite (rock salt crystal), heliodor (golden beryl), hematite, herkimer diamond, holey stones, honey calcite, imperial topaz, jade, jasper, jet, labradorite, lapis (lapis lazuli), lava, lepidolite, magnesite (lodestone), mahogany obsidian, malachite, marble, mookaite, moonstone, nuumite, ocean jasper, olivine, pearl, peridot, petrified wood, prehnite, pumice, pyrite, quartz, quartz crystal clusters, red jasper, ruby, rutilated quartz, salt, sapphire, sard, sardonyx, selenite, serpentine, shark teeth, snowflake obsidian, staurolite, sulphur, sunstone, tigers eye, topaz, tourmaline (red and black especially), tree agate, turitella agate, turquoise, yellow agate, yellow jasper, zircon (clear and red),
protection (angelic): angelite, selenite, seraphanite
protection (astral travel): brecciated jasper, kyanite, red jasper, yellow jasper 
protection (aura, personal energy field): fire agate, black tourmaline, labradorite, sunstone, tiger eye
protection (from crime): 
protection (disease/illness): 
chalcopyrite, jade, cavansite, zircon
protection (from evil): 
agate (especially Eye Agate), beryl, black tourmaline, blue chalcedony (especially evil magick), coral, garnet, herkimer diamond, malachite, pyrite, quartz, salt, sapphire, snowflake obsidian, tiger iron / mugglestone (mirrors evil & evil spells back to the sender), turquoise 
protection (evil eye): 
agate (especially eye agate), cat's eye, carnelian (envious eye, evil eye), malachite, topaz
protection (home, other buildings): 
dravite, halite, holey stones, salt, riverstone, quartz, ruby, witches fingers 
protection (possessions): ruby, sardonyx, zircon (robbery)
protection (pregnancy and childbirth): ammonite, chrysocolla (especially for preventing miscarriage), geodes, hematite, lepidolite, malachite, moonstone, picture jasper (during childbirth especially), rose quartz
protection (physical): carnelian, agate, fluorite, peridot, sard, smoky quartz, zircon, turquoise (injury)
protection (poison): diamond, serpentine (particularly snake venom)
protection (psychic): amber (psychic shielding), amethyst (from negative psychic energy of all kinds), angelite (channeling), black obsidian, DT crystals, elestial crystals (esp psychic attacks), fluorite, jade (especially vs psychic attack), labradorite, lapis lazuli, Lemurian seed crystal, moqui marbles / moki balls (esp during shamanic work), nuumite, petalite (channeling), prehnite, pyrite, ruby, seraphinite (serafina, chlinochlore), sugilite, tiger iron / mugglestone (especialy during shamanic work)
protection (radiation): amber, rutilated quartz, star sapphire
protection (spiritual): black sapphire (esp. undead), chalcedony (esp. undead), silkstone (esp. spirits), silver (esp. undead, from spirits)
protection (travel): amethyst, aquamarine (travel upon water), chalcedony, garnet, herkimer diamond, jet, malachite (esp when flying), moonstone (travel at sea), mother of pearl (on water), pearl (on water) rainbow moonstone, tigers eye, petalite, yellow jasper 
psychic abilities/intuition: amazonite, amethyst, apatite, azurite, botswana agate, cavansite, celestite, emerald, fire agate, garnet, green calcite, herkimer diamonds, holey stones, kyanite, labradorite, lapis, meteorites, moonstone, opal, orange calcite, quartz, selenite, super seven, tanzanite, tanzan aura, tektite, turquoise
psychic shield / protection: see protection (psychic)
PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder): lepidolite, richterite 
public speaking: celestite, azurite , blue lace agate 
purification: calcite, fluorite, chrysocolla, halite, salt 
radiation exposure, EMF: black tourmaline
rape recovery: calcite (orange), chrysocolla, lapis, schorl (black tourmaline)
reconciliation: calcite, herkimer diamond, kunzite, rose quartz, rhodocrosite
relationships: dalmatian jasper (long term), diamond (esp. long term), flourite, scolecite
relaxation: bronzite, chevron amethyst, dalmatian jasper, jasper, king cobra jasper, red jasper, richterite
releasing blockages: ametrine, bloodstone, flourite, malachite, obisdian
reliability: garnet, hematite
relieving burdens: lodestone
removing obstacles: kunzite
repressed issues: botswana agate, epidote, unakite
reproductive system: garnet, orange calcite, red calcite, garnet, ruby
responsibility: leopardskin jasper
restless leg syndrome (RLS): chrysoprase, lapis lazuli
rheumatoid arthritis (RA): bloodstone, garnet, halite, quartz
romance: almandine garnets, amber, bixbyite, diamonds, emerald, pyrope garnets, red coral, red garnet, red tourmaline, rose quartz, ruby, sardonyx
schizophrenia: elestial quartz, kunzite, larimar, lepidolite
scrying: obsidian, quartz, seer quartz, window quartz
self-awareness/self-discovery: chevron amethyst
self-confidence: agate, aragonite, citrine, dolomite, garnet, labradorite, malachite, moss agate, rhodonite, ruby, sodalite, tigers eye, tiger iron, tourmaline, torquoise, ,

self-discipline (self-control): black obsidian, dumortierite (blue quartz), onyx, sardonyx, sodalite, tiger iron, topaz, ,

self-esteem: amazonite, carnelian, copper, kunzite, rhodochrosite, green moss agate

 self-expression: chysoprase, howlite

self-love: aquamarine, danburite, feldspar, kunzite, lepidolite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, sodalite

self-realization: aventurine

self-reliance: dumortierite, jade, jet, prasiolite, rutilated quartz, striped flint, variscite 

selfishness: howlite

sensuality/sexuality: amber, botswana agate, carnelian, citrine, jade, mexican fire opal, red calcite, ruby, rutilated quartz
serenity: aquamarine, blue quartz (dumortierite), blue tourmaline (indicolite), bronzite, chrysocolla, emerald, hawk's eye (blue tigers eye), jade, jasper, kunzite, kyanite, smoky quartz, tsavorite, turquoise,
service activities: grossular garnet, leopardskin jasper, tsavorite
sexual issues: orange moss agate (also sensuality/sexuality stones)
shamanic work: iolite, moqui marbles/moki balls, obsidian, yellow calcite
shielding: amber, black tourmaline, boji stones, hematite, labradorite, pietersite, smoky quartz
sinusitis: aventurine, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite, smithsonite 
skin / skin disorders: apophyllite, amethyst, aventurine, azurite / malachite, blue lace agate, Botswana agate, carnelian, chrysotile, corumdum (sapphire, ruby), crazy lace agate, dumortierite, fancy jasper, garnet (skin protection vs disease, especially), green jasper, moonstone, moss agate, epidote, mother of pearl, picture jasper, rainforest jasper (rhyolite), spinel, turquenite, turquoise
sleep disorders (also see "insomnia" above): amethyst, aventurine, hematite, peridot, moonstone
sorrow: apache tears, dolomite 
spirit contact: jade, prehnite, tsavorite
spiritual development: amethyst, citrine, epidote, quartz, selenite, topaz
spirituality: amethyst, calcite, citrine, clear quartz, hematite, heliodor, herkimer diamond, iolite, lepidolite, meteorites, pearl, rhodocrosite, selnite, silver topaz, sugilite, turquoise
spleen: fluorite, hematite, lapis, tigers eye
spirit guides (contacting, working with): amethyst, angelite, apophyllite, celestite, herkimer diamonds, moldavite, purpurite, prehnite (green), quartz, selenite, tanzan aura
stability: celestite, chrysoprase, citrine, garnet, hematite, obsidian, petrified wood, smoky quartz, tiger iron (mugglestone),
stamina: crazy lace agate, dolomite (for dealing with hyperactive people), sodalite, spinel, tiger iron 
static electricity: amber, quartz
stomach problems: botswana agate, citrine, peridot, jasper, obsidian, prasiolite
strength: agate, carnelian, citrine, hematite, herkimer diamonds, katanginite, plancheite, prasiolite, richterite, tigers eye, tiger iron (mugglestone), rutilated quartz
stress: aragonite, azurite-malachite, bloodstone, brecciated jasper, calcite, chevron amethyst, dioptase, dolomite, fluorite, gold, hematite, howlite, kunzite, labradorite, lepidolite, moonstone, peridot, picasso marble, richterite, rose quartz, smoky quartz, spinel, staurolite, sunstone, turquoise
success (general): aventurine, aqua aura, brecciated jasper, citrine, green moss agate, gaspeite, green tourmaline, kundalini quartz, orange moss agate, scapolite, scolecite, tanzanite
success (business/career): aventurine, bloodstone, brecciated jasper, citrine, chrysoprase, garnet, lepidolite, leopard skin jasper, malachite, petrified wood
teaching: glendonite, lapis, kyanite, sodalite
teeth/gums: agate, amazonite, aquamarine, calcite, dolomite, fluorite, howlite, malachite, spinel 
tension headache: amethyst, blue lace agate, cat's eye (natural, chrysoberyl), chrysacolla, lapis nevada Also see Headache, General. 
thinking: dolomite, fluorite, hematite
third eye chakra (brow chakra):

throat / bronchial / lung: amber, ammonite, angelite, beryl, bloodstone (throat infections), blue calcite, blue topaz, chalcopyrite, chrysocolla, galena, larimar, malachite, morganite, opal, tigers eye,

tissue regeneration: carnelian, citrine, garnet, malachite, turquoise 

thyroid: blue calcite, orange moss agate, rhodonite

 tolerance: dravite 

toxins: amber, amethyst, botswana agate, citrine, coal, heliodor (golden beryl), leopard skin jasper, prasiolite, tree agate, rutilated quartz

tranquility: blue lace agate

transformation: bronzite, charoite, lepidolite, malachite, obsidian, moqui marbles

 trauma (healing): diopside, garnet

travel by water: aquamarine

travel: amethyst, aquamarine, chalcedony, garnet, herkimer diamond, jet, malachite, tigers eye

truth: amazonite, apophyllite, celestite, citrine, emerald, flourite, garnet, kyanite, lapis, selenite, sodalite, tiger's eye
tumors: prasiolite 
ulcers: chrysocolla , peridot, prasiolite 
unconditional love: kunzite, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz
vertigo: cuprite, chrysacolla, malachite, sapphire, herkimer diamond, rose quartz, candle quartz (pine apple quartz), angel aura (opal aura), aqua aura, lapis lazuli, morganite, obsidian (clear), quartz (clear), red jasper
victimization: calcite, Orange, charoite, chrysoprase, garnet, green calcite, hematite, jade, leopard skin jasper, malachite, orange millennium™, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, schorl (black tourmaline), self-healed quartz crystals, thulite 
vigor / virility: tiger iron (mugglestone) 
visualization: iolite, green tourmaline, holey stones 
weight loss: blue Peruvian opal, green tourmaline, heulandite, moonstone, picasso marble (jasper), rose quartz, spinel (healthy weight), sulphur, unakite (ideal weight) 
weight gain: unakite (ideal weight) 
will power: alexandrite, blue tigers eye (hawk's eye), garnet, hematite, red jasper, prasiolite, sapphire, tigers eye, tiger iron (mugglestone) 
wisdom: amber, calcite, clear quartz, labradorite, lapis, malachite, moonstone, petrified wood, smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, tree agate
wishes: moonstone, smoky quartz, unakite
worries: petrified wood
wrinkles: rose quartz 
writing: agate, amazonite, barite, blue topaz, diopside, fire agate, graphite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, variscite, zincit